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Yet another beautiful blog by Michelle so worth reading….well done!

An amazing woman with an exceptional healing experience, check out Michelle’s blog as she shares her healing journey and becoming a Healer…Let her experience inspire you to increase your own health…it is possible.

What Healing One’s Spirit Means part 4 of 4

What Does “Healing One’s Spirit” mean? Part 4 of 4 Part Series

In attempting to hand over this control and trust whatever is required of us to experience through our illness, accepting the outcome no matter what that means about how short or long our life will be, this is where it helps to have a healed relationship to Source. Also having some realizations that have come through you personally but are of Divine origin (you will know if it is coming from a higher source or from your ego and intellectual mind because the former will resonate in your being, feel uplifting like you’ve just hit on something and may also give you shivers—what some call “God bumps”—goose bumps spurred on by a spiritual Truth). Having such illuminating spiritual experiences can give you the knowledge that when your body dies, as much as ego fears that’s the end of YOU, you know you exist on and that leaving the physical plane means returning to a much more blissful state of being. You may even have the pleasure and good fortune of experiencing this state of bliss and therefore know what to expect. With this knowing, it isn’t such a leap of faith worrying about crossing over to The Other Side.
The solution to wanting to be controlling over your state of health: do your work to heal your relationship with Source, healing any trust issues too as relinquishing control requires trust. Then hand the control over to Source who inevitably has our best interests at heart (whether they are transparent reasons to us while on Earth, or not). Healing then in a spiritual sense may well require that we completely and genuinely state, “Source, I release the whole of my life to you NOW.” And disconnect from expectations of what the results of those actions might be as they will be individual and unique (but right for your soul’s journey). This is huge and powerful, so take a moment to really absorb it. Miraculous recoveries and amazing healings have been known to occur from releasing one’s life to Source. It takes courage to say you give yourself over to Source’s plans for you, then step back from being controlling yet still do as you are Divinely guided to do. We often act out of fear in our lives. This surrender may call for overcoming any number of fears. There may be changes required on all levels; physical, mental/emotional, as well as spiritual—but for healing to happen, Spirit is involved whether we’ve been conscious of it or acknowledge it or not.
When healing happens, it is because of Spirit. Though not everyone actively and consciously draws on this part of healing, it is not as though we can cheat what was inevitably going to befall us; if healing happens, it is only by the Grace of The Divine. So why not actively and with deliberate intention consciously call in this aspect of healing? And again, not having attachment to any one outcome is key or else we have not given up controlling everything, we are trying to control It too by using surrendering language while trying to force the Forces that Be to give us our health back. What we have to learn through this process is different for each of us, and healing takes many forms. For many, learning to relinquish control is perhaps a large part of what the health issue was about spiritually in the first place. Though Source’s plan for us does not always involve a miraculous physical cure for all, when healing is asked for, it is granted, it just may take on forms that are not expressed in the conventional way.
Bring in Spirit to illuminate your healing path, then detach from requiring a specific outcome and listen to Spirit’s whisperings of what to do for your healing journey (which may well involve a mix of modern medicine, alternative medicine, counseling, life coaching, exercise, nutrition, and inner exploration). Invite transformation. Explore what you need to heal, no need to wait for a crisis to start this exploration, and better to not wait. What an exciting time!

Reply stories of transformation and healing by surrendering to Spirit are welcome. Namaste, Laura

Stay posted for ideas on the “How To’s” of: Healing Your Relationship to Source, Connecting To Source for Your Healing, and Bringing in Spirit to Illuminate Your Healing Path.


What Healing One’s Spirit means 3 of 4 part series

Part 3 of 4 Part Series on What Does “Healing One’s Spirit” mean?
“Healing spirit” can mean calling on Spirit to guide us and infuse us with an expanded truth about reality and life, and for what is needed for healing to happen in us individually. It may mean involving Spirit so deeply in our healing we completely surrender and truly open up to whatever Spirit has in store for us, and start listening to what Spirit moves us to do in our lives—no matter how uncomfortable and out of our safety/comfort zones it takes us. Could it be we are living our lives being too ordinary when we have an extraordinary gift we have neglected to share with the world—or haven’t even discovered exists in us yet, or maybe we’ve become callous and complacent when we could show more compassion to fellow man? Spirit may be telling us it’s do or die time (quite literally), bust out of holding yourself back and share the gifts that were given to you—ill health being the doorbell alerting you to a need for transformation in your life.
When it comes to life in general, but also to our health, how many of us want to be the ones in control so badly that we inadvertently slow the speed of our healing too? We can retard our healing, getting better only in the bite-sized chunks as we slowly allow it by being controlling and getting in our own way, wanting so badly to get better that we try and orchestrate the entire healing ourselves as though it were up to us or not happen at all. Getting caught up trying to control it and wanting healing to happen “just so” impedes us. Throwing yourself into your own healing is not a bad thing, it`s just when we think we are the only ones it`s up to and we think it`s one more thing to control, we`re likely missing the big picture and what the illness is trying to point out to us about giving up control. Sometimes life or Spirit hands us experiences and health challenges that require us to give over control; for our own good. Scary to do, especially as that could mean surrendering to an outcome we fear or don’t feel ready for, like in extreme health situations: meeting our own end of days. But handing over this control is freeing in ways we won’t have known until we do it, and trusting whatever is required of us to experience and accepting the outcome is often key though may need conscious repetition until the new giving up control habit forms.
(stay posted for part 4)

What Healing One’s Spirit means 2 of 4 part series

Part 2 of 4 Part Series on What Does “Healing One’s Spirit” mean?
It is the following meaning of “healing spirit” I want to explore for now: to integrate our spiritual aspects to bring in the healing, to involve the realm of Spirit for healing. Instead of only looking to purely physical elements affecting health, or mental/emotional elements that go into our health; spiritual elements quite likely surpass the influence on our health that either body (physical) or mind (mental/emotional) do, and is of utmost importance to consider on our healing journeys. What is Spirit trying to tell us about changes we need to tweak in our lives, changes that would make this lifetime more–not only healthy (disease-free and pain-free) for our bodies, but to fulfill certain experiences we are here to have? Sometimes our health is challenged to give us some first-hand knowledge that can only be gained by living the experience, and these are matters of spirit for our soul’s journey. Source is All Knowing, but to be All Understanding and know Itself, Source needs experience. This is what we offer Source, the experience of life, and through it Source gains understanding. In that experiencing, getting to know Itself, Source relies on us (aspects of Source), and sometimes it is through our state of health that we come to know ourselves more completely too; we all play a part in the grand scheme of things. Having said that, our health is malleable, and if we are wishing for healing, Source is all for that as reuniting It’s fragments is the Divine Plan, so being in a state of less-than-optimal health oftentimes is a wakeup call on any number of accounts, suggesting we are not balanced somewhere. There exists a mind/body connection as well as spirit/body connection.
Sometimes the imbalance is exposure to noxious substances for our bodies. Could be a vibration we are holding that does not bring in the experience of good health (a vibration in case it’s a new concept to you is what you resonate to given the beliefs you hold about the world and reality in general). The call could be about emotional issues that have not been acknowledged, addressed or changed. Same goes for mental aspects feeding into our experience of reality. But the wakeup call is so often about our spiritual lives as well. Maybe we have been neglecting spirituality in our lives, or have been approaching it through organized religion when we need instead to turn within and gain answers from The Divine for ourselves. We can all use spiritual awakenings or accelerated spiritual growth, and tuning in to our spiritual lives, making sure there is a vibrant, healthy spirituality in our lives can be a literal life-saver.
(stay posted for part 3)

Healing One’s Spirit, what does this mean? 1 of series of 4

What Does “Healing One’s Spirit” mean?
Copyright Oct. 24/ published Nov.27, 2012

Part 1 of a 4 Part Series
It can be said that healing requires healing of body, mind and spirit. We can easily picture what healing one’s body involves, and even healing for one’s mind, but what does “healing one’s spirit” mean? Aren’t we supposed to be perfect in spirit already and don’t have to heal our spirits? The phrase “healing spirit” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not so much that we have to heal our *spirits* but reintegrate spiritually as we are fragmented—we are a fragment of Source, and potentially disconnected from our spirit due to illusions of separation in the physical. “Healing spirit” can be healing your relationship to Source, and working on returning to a state of wholeness. If we can regain a sense of wholeness while still in the physical, we are overcoming the amnesia most of us underwent in the process of becoming physical, the illusion that we are separate from others and Source, an illusion that often causes us lonely feelings and hurt. Healing one’s relationship to Source is a huge topic all on its own to explore, and may begin with questioning or re-questioning whether Source even exists. It can involve questioning Source on where It was through a particularly needy time in your life, and healing the hurts or abandonment you may have felt so you can get on to developing a deeper relationship with Source. This topic will be explored more fully in another series.
Healing oftentimes necessitates involving the realm of spirit in the healing process. Not just approaching one’s health on a physical level—body, or mental and emotional level—mind, but including the spiritual aspects of ourselves—spirit, to bring about restoration of health. Including the spiritual aspects of ourselves for healing can be considered what “healing spirit” means. In this sense, reconnecting to our spirit selves and Spirit/Source is healing to our spirits. Oftentimes for improving health, it is required of us to integrate our spiritual aspects to bring in the healing.
(stay posted for Part 2)

Taking Care of Our Mental Health

Autumn of 2012 has been a reminder for me of the importance of taking care of our mental health. The story of a most unfortunate teen suicide hit the news (Amanda Todd). She took her own life after considerable bullying and cyber-bullying, and sadly similar cases exist. When I talked over with my own teen how outrageous the taunting was from school-mates, he reports that was what he saw go on in high school all the time. This is a regular occurrence? Sickening. I asked my son how he made it through? A combination of high self-esteem, being callous and not caring what anyone thought of him, and a martial arts background with an attitude to not let anyone push him around helped him not be targeted as much. It appears if you are going to survive high school nowadays, you must thicken your skin on issues and in ways we never had to contend with 20 years ago, and in such public ways that even changing schools doesn’t resolve the taunting because the internet spreads nasty rumours wherever you go.

When did we stop teaching our children that Words Cut Deeper Than A Knife and when did such aggressive and relentless bullying begin? No amount of bullying or its impact on those bullied should go unnoticed. I encourage everyone to engage teens, kids and adults alike in life, to really listen to what their language or tone is saying about their mental state of being and what is going on for them. So much can be hidden from view, but body language gives clues too if we watch for it. Most people want to be heard; sometimes those who do notice may stand back and not want to come across as nosy. But more than likely the person struggling with an issue is desperately wanting to be heard by non-judgmental ears. Ask what’s wrong and if they aren’t ready to talk say that you’re there for them when they are, and then check back in with them on it—don’t let it slide and tell them if they aren’t talking to you, they better be talking to someone who is in a position to help them because you CARE. In this way we help take care of others’ mental state of health.

Self-esteem is much needed for survival, the more of it we have the better we thrive. It begins with instilling in our children that we believe in their ability to do for themselves (as their age makes appropriate), giving them a chance to prove to themselves their capabilities. But more-so, telling them that more important than feeling good about their abilities/skills and accomplishments, they should feel good about themselves for choosing to be kind. And teaching them that they are resourceful is a helpful tool too. That they can either solve an issue with trying, or keep asking different sources until they get the help they need for it—after all, that’s what being resourceful IS. Beyond the self-esteem aspect, how disappointing it takes such a callous and defensive stance to make it through high school unscathed. But if it takes martial arts training to give our kids confidence and to not take crap from peers, then send them to lessons (it helps in the real world too, holding one’s head high and being confident wards against having “victim” body language).

Getting people the right outlet channels for emotional issues is essential for one’s mental state of health. Everyone can benefit from having a trustworthy confidant, and starting with your medical doctor who can refer you on to any number of caring mental health professionals is something we have to remember for ourselves, our friends, and to teach our children as their resource as well. When teen suicide tragedies occur, humanity is failing as a whole. We could all stand to be better listeners, to have compassion for fellow humans, to teach our children and live ourselves by the Golden Rule: Treat Others As We Would Like To Be Treated. Who could bully another implementing that rule? We all get wrapped up in our own soap operas, but sometimes stepping outside our busy life issues to aid another gives us a healthy perspective on our own lives and what to be grateful for. Parents engage your children and don’t stop when they are teens!

Teens are not alone when it comes to opting for suicide as a way out of emotional hell. The truth of this has been present in my personal life as this fall commenced and news of suicide shocked my world.
With great sadness, as I was turning 40 Sep. 25 of this year, I learned my dentist took his own life. He was a man I will remember for his great sense of humour in an otherwise too sterile environment, a man I can only guess who was tormented by mental issues I knew not of. This has been very upsetting for me, and given me much to ponder. Then I learned a fellow classmate from massage therapy college had taken his own life. Very sad.

Is suicide really an answer I have to ask? It turns the lives of those left behind upside down, not that those suicidal aren’t overwhelmed with their own emotional pain and unable to think of the ramifications of their actions, but it leaves those left behind with such confusion and anger and hurt: likely not anything the suicidal meant to create. Being no stranger to such depressed thoughts myself, I certainly understand feeling that suicide is a way out of an emotional turmoil that nothing else seems to provide relief from, but I highly speculate in the moment after having done something so horrific to oneself, the next thought to be, “What have I done??” I mean, what really is so extreme as to warrant such drastic measures but our own thoughts make? I think in the western world sometimes our biggest challenge is our own mental and emotional states of mind. This is where having resources available to us might make a difference. Problems do exist in reality for us, but our minds seem to be our biggest obstacle to overcome, making our lives hell where, emotions aside, our issues may not be that insurmountable. Minds are powerful tools and they can hold us captive prisoners in a world we make be more terrifying than is there in reality. Not that emotional issues aren’t real for us, but the magnitude of how far we imagine our woes to be when in reality we are clothed and fed and housed and have people around us all day every day who could offer us comfort from lonely feelings and a listening ear, and even much-needed love. The mind, though most powerful, can be most lethal. We can live in a hell we create for ourselves, and think our only way out is to end the situation.

I cannot imagine my dentist, a well-respected, well-liked, loved/married with step-daughters, well-accomplished and likely financially successful man having problems that were truly so insurmountable that the only way out would be through ending it all, in yet, that’s the only way he saw through it. And so do others, and so have I been guilty in thought of myself…emotional hell is a real hell. But can’t we find another option, whatever the mental pain is, than that very sad route? I am so sad for his family, I quite like his wonderful wife and my heart bleeds for her, and being a mom I can imagine the devastation his parents are going through. I know at least for me in the midst of depression there have been times I haven’t been able see out of my emotional pain than to contemplate ending it all to end the pain, not a selfish issue at all but a need to stop emotional torment. Some win this battle, others fight it for years only finally to not be able to take it any longer. You know, we have help available to any of us in that predicament; mental health professionals, groups, counseling, helplines. In the distant past I recall one particularly bad episode of depression I was battling—and I knew about suicide hotlines, but do you think I called ever once? I figured those were for people who didn’t really want to kill themselves, those of us who really were serious weren’t making calls, drawing attention to ourselves. But given I’ve grown up a lot since then, and in light of the recent losses in my life, I have definitely changed my tune. Now I implore you, if you or anyone you know struggles with these issues, why the heck NOT go for the help available? Now I think taking in a course covering topics some mental health and depression groups cover (for instance: Boundaries, Criticism vs Feedback, Body Language, Changes, Giving and Receiving) sounds like a sweet way to get to know yourself more. Talking to however many counselors and professionals in as many different modalities as you need to get yourself squared away better is worth every invested minute. And choosing to say, “No matter what predicament I feel I am in and can’t change in my life, that is wrong: there are always things I can do to change it.” We often just need separation from being emotionally involved to see other options.

If you’re depressed, give life excitement in ways that enlivens your spirit, look at your goals for yourself in this life and GO for them. Who cares what changes you have to make, don’t let fears hold you back from going for your goals. Turning 40 has given me the incentive to get moving on my goals, one which was to quit delaying and get this blog up and running. Quit stalling. What would you be happy trying to achieve? How unhappy will you be never trying? Who cares whether you get there or life takes you in a different direction? At least you’ll have had the guts to TRY. And who knows in your trying what doors will open for you. Take on the attitude Who Cares What Others Think, don’t let the judgment and criticism of others thwart your efforts to go for what you would MOST like to accomplish in this life. If your goals were adolescent fantasies and need some revising, well bring them into alignment with who you want to be now, and Feel The Fear And Do It Anyhow (a great book by the way, by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D).
It’s hard enough for people to ask for mental health help, but admitting we could use some help makes us stronger. It takes a LOT of courage to speak up and say, “Ya, I could really use some help here. I’m not doing so well.” It shouldn’t take a nervous breakdown or worse before we reach out to others who are there to help. Please take note of those around you and if they could use the help, send them to their medical doctor for starters. Any journey that has us get to know ourselves more is a worthwhile journey, and our mental health is a very worthwhile journey, through-which we do get to know ourselves more.

If you are in a dark place, figure out what you’re unhappy about in life, what is really lacking? Is your love tank full enough? How can you get what’s lacking filled? Who do you want to be? Do you have enough excitement in your life? Take an account of what physically is missing, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. What could you do that brings you a spark you need to feel involved in life and enjoying it? Our souls need this nourishment in ways that don’t involve loss of integrity or defamed character, but there are so many ways to fulfill our emotional needs, our physical needs, mental, and spiritual.

Here are some resources available to those suffering from depression or at risk for suicide:
First step is to start with a family doctor. This is not intended to be purely a pharmaceutical solution, but s/he will know local resources for you to access, ask for these resources. In extreme cases it is best to go directly to the hospital. They will make contact with a mental health worker and proceed from there.

The Canadian Mental Health Association (or the equivalent in your country).

Counseling, such as private counseling by Solas: Personal and Spiritual Counseling, Connie Yates, B.Sc., M.A. who is located in Red Deer Alberta Canada but available by phone too (Connie approaches mental health holistically, having a traditional psychological background but drawing in aspects beyond this that more fully targets any potential issue contributing to one’s state of depression. She is well-rounded in her approach, and an amazing woman…. #403.358.8672)

The Haven by The Sea on Gabriola Island, BC Canada has a Come Alive course that is spectacular for transformation (hardship funding is available), and there are likely other such great courses available wherever you are.

The book Depression Map came highly recommended, and many more books are available.

If you can’t find a local community that offers courses that cover things like Boundaries, Criticism vs Feedback, Body Language, here are some online resources where you can explore them and get to know yourself more:
References for the Boundaries Workshop:
References for the Criticism vs Feedback Workshop are:
References for the Body Language Workshop are :

And remember: You Are Not Alone! You are a resourceful being capable of solving or getting help to solve any of life’s challenges. You are a beautiful and unique being. You are sacred and loved beyond your wildest imagining.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to laurassacredhealingblog, making healing interactive.

Here I shall share posts and articles that may help you on your  healing journey. It can also be a support system for people’s healing: we all have healing to do on different levels. Life is about learning to relate: To Ourselves, To Others, To Our World, and To Source. In relating to these, there is often forgiveness and healing needed. We can be here for each other through our healing and learning to relate: We Are Not Alone and our healing ventures need not be undertaken alone.

Sometimes our feelings of separation (from ourselves, others, the world, and especially Source) are behind so many emotional, mental, spiritual and physical issues that the more places we  can go to feel supported and connected and Reminded of Who We Are and how we are all interconnected, the better for everyone. This is one such place you can come for support: from me, and from other fellow healing-journeyers. This is a place energetically established  to help you feel connected, and find your calm, just by tapping into it whether you get a personal response to any of your postings or not: You are consciously choosing to be a part of a support system and take note where support starts suddenly being offered to you in life. We are all thrown opportunities, liferafts, kindness even if only in the smile of a stranger: Learning to recognize these as indicators we are not alone is up to you. Choosing to BE that kind smile to another or extend yourself to others needing a boost means being the change you most want to see in the world.

So join me in this dance of Healing fellow journeyers, may we bring light to others surrounded by darkness for if we don’t bother, who will?